Welcome to ADBM

Some of our current, software systems and services ....


Delivery Booking System

An online web-based delivery booking management system, designed for the construction industry. Allow contractors to easily book in deliveries ( or collections ) to or from site or the local  consolidation center. Not just to the gate but also to  the laydown area's or internal / external work-face if needed.

Also allows the booking of the site shared resources, such as tower cranes / hoists and other manual handling equipment.

All vehicles turning up on site can be logged into the system - either as ontime / late or unbooked.

Optionally, you can  track and log deliveries as they arrive in real time, using our PDA or Smartphone, with our ADBM+ smart application.


Online Time & Access Control

Control who can gain access to your site, and when.  Links to our standard on site s2k system, enabling managers  / clients to have an overview of who is currently and previously on or off site at any particular moment.

Can be optionally linked to our in2K+ system to simplfy and speed up operative enrollment onto site, as once an operative has been inducted their details can be transfered from the in2k system - additional details added as needed and a pass issued.


Online Induction Booking

An online web-based induction management system. Allow contractors to book their staff directly into the site induction course.

Speed up a contractors start on site, simplify administration.

Induction givers can use our smartphone app - to check inductees and authorise that they have passed the induction course , and have seen relevant accrediations such as CSCS cards ....


Contra Charging & Recording

Record and monitor contra charges, and also other site issues safety / snagging

Capture images on your phone or using our App, download and issue clear up / defect notices to contractors

Record outcome / costs involved if contractor does not comply